Coaching is a managed conversation, with the coach responsible for that management. Coaching is focused on personal growth and professional development with a clear aim in achieving goals, changing behaviours, shifting perspectives, and overall self-improvement.

The model I often use has the acronym, ‘GROW’. The client is encouraged to identify a clear GOAL. There is often an overarching goal which can then be broken down into sub-goals. The goal selected by the client should be stretching and achievable.

Next, REALITY. The client tells the story of how they see their current situation. In this part of the coaching conversation the client can gain clarity around what resources they have at their disposal, which in turn often sheds light on the nature of the goal and ways to achieve it.

In OPTIONS, the coach encourages the client to think about ways to bridge the gap between the current reality and the goal.

And finally, the WAY FORWARD where the client can identify an agreed action or actions; a way forward and clear steps towards achieving the goal. The coach may also ask the client if they wish to be held accountable and as such, the coach can check they have done what they said they would do in a subsequent session.

Every person and every situation is unique. However, many people have the same feeling at certain moments in life of being ‘stuck’. Often individuals will say they’re not sure as to how they might move forward in a positive direction. At times like these, a personal coach can be very helpful in listening intently to the individual seeking to make positive choices, take positive actions and gain new insights.

I’ve coached around 20 individuals this year, in person in the UK and in online sessions from Austin, Texas to Melbourne, Australia. If you’d be interested in a free chemistry session online with me, please email me at